Dominikus is a generative artist from Munich, Germany fascinated by the computer's ability to produce glimpses into fictional worlds.

Following this early interest, he studied computer science, specializing in graphics and human-computer interaction. Reading JCR Licklider's 'Man-Computer Symbiosis' during his doctoral studies deeply influenced his perception of the relationships that can be formed between people and machines.

His generative art practice is an application of this idea: exploring complex systems and their emergent aesthetic properties through human judgement and machine tenacity. He spends hours in the back-and-forth with the machine, tweaking and refreshing, learning about and ultimately understanding the underlying system and its output. The resulting art is a symbiosis of spirit and repetitive brute force.

His aesthetical influences are drawn from the early Modernists and the graphic design of the early to mid 20th century - stark lines and contrasts, bold colors and geometry coupled with the imperfections of manual creation. Other sources of inspiration are pixel art and the arcade- and video games of the 1980s.

Dominikus' art is tip-toeing along the axis of entropy, between the two poles of stifling order and meaningless chaos. Aspects of both can be found in his works, representations of grids and graph paper as well as the hissing pixel noise overlaying everything, threatening to drown all visible information. Stark, geometric shapes sinking into warped, organic patterns. His work celebrates the all too brief moment of human existence by mirroring our continuous dance between chaos and order before we all fall into our final stable condition.

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